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Faculty of Natural Resources  & Enviromental Studies

Foreign Relationships of the Faculty

Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies has created many foreign relationships with counterpart institutions and ally organizations some of these relationships have been built since inception of the faculty. In the forefront of the relationships is the linkage with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and some German universities, especially the Dresden University and the International Institute for Forest with which several workshops and training programs were carried out where experts from these institutions participated in different activities of the faculty. Relationships with some French universities and the International Centre for Research for Agricultural Development (CIRAD) in France as well as organization of the Norwegian Cooperation it have seen always a remarkable development cannot be ignored. The faculty is a membership in the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) and the African Network for Agriculture, Agro-forestry and Natural Resources Education (ANAFE). Moreover, distinguished relationships with some Ethiopian universities were established to concern with faculty staff members and students exchange, training, joint researches conduction and participation in mutual conferences and workshops.

Some of the faculty graduates earned considerable grants from RUFORUM for master degree during the period of 2010 - 2012 at several African universities such as Jomo Kenyatta University and Nairobi University in Kenya, Sokoi University in Tanzania, and Haramaya University and Micelle University in Ethiopia. It should be noted that there are some of the faculty staff members have awarded their master and doctorate degrees through (DAAD) and (CIRAD) program.

Now there are ongoing programs are implemented by the faculty jointly with some of the mentioned organizations and these programs include:

1. Training programs of some graduate and undergraduate students which have been funded by the Norwegian agenda for capacity building in climatic changes and smart agriculture in the African Horn in collaboration with University of Hawassa in Ethiopia.

2. Postgraduate training in natural resources and environmental management in dry areas which was funded by RUFORUM.

3. Agribusiness program which has been funded by ANAFE.

4. Scholarship for a faculty staff member to conduct his research in area of climatic changes at University Martyrs in Uganda within Circle program which is related to ANAFE activities.

5- WELCOME TO AFRICA program and it is a joint program between the faculty, DAAD organization and some Sudanese agricultural faculties.