natreslogoUniversity of Kordofan

Faculty of Natural Resources  & Enviromental Studies


The First faculty of University of Kordofan (students’ intake started in March 1991). The First batch has been graduated in Dec. 1995. It has been chosen as model faculty of its counterparts in Sudan. The faculty is unique in terms of tackling agricultural sciences (crops & livestock, forestry & range sciences) with special emphasis on natural resources and environmental studies. The faculty is located in a fragile environment exacerbated by irrational use of natural resources coupled with natural hazards. The faculty aims at training of students in the field of agriculture at the levels of, technical Diploma (3 years), B.Sc. (Honors) for 5 years and Postgraduates (M.Sc. & Ph.D.). Undertake oriented research towards biological sustainable development & rational resources use. In addition to Conduct research on environment conservation & biodiversity enrichment enhancing awareness of the community for agricultural production and rational use of natural resources. Developing linkages with counterpart institutions (nationally, regionally & internationally.