natreslogoUniversity of Kordofan

Faculty of Natural Resources  & Enviromental Studies

Department of Animal Production


Development of specialized frameworks in the field of animal production able to compete in the local and regional labor market and distinct in conducting of scientific researches to serve the community and conserve the environment.


Upgrading the quality of educational and research process and conduct continuous training in the field of animal production, which contributes to community and environment development.


1. Developing the capacity and skills of students in the areas of animal production.
2. Preparation of a distinct and competent student.

3. Providing technical consultancies for those interested in the various areas of animal production in order to serve the environment and community.

4. Improvement of the student capability to be kept up with recent developments and applications in animal production science.

5. Implementation of the research projects that contribute to solve the problems and develop the animal production sector.

6. Training of students in M. Sc. and doctoral level in the areas of animal production.
7. Participation in conferences, workshops and training courses held to serve the animal production fields.