natreslogoUniversity of Kordofan

Faculty of Natural Resources  & Enviromental Studies

Department of Food Sciences & Technology


Offer training in the area of food science, food technology nutritional sciences and postharvest technology. The training is offered at the diploma undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It aims at producing well trained graduates, equipped with knowledge and skills to meet manpower requirement of food industry and post harvest handing and nutritional aspects.


The department carry out both basic and applied research oriented towords solve local food problems. It’s also sought to develop collaboration with food related sectors in the country and state through training and joint works.


1. To introduce the students to the principles of biochemistry to understand special food science and technology concepts.

2. To Provide students with the necessary skills to work in the field of chemical analysis of food.

3. To enable students to solve problems related to food in terms of quality.

4. To Develop students’ skills on IT application in the field of food science.