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Faculty of Natural Resources  & Enviromental Studies

Department of Plant Protection


The mission of the department represented in preparation of distinguished scientific cadres in the disciplines of Plant Protection and is able to contribute to the development of society and agricultural sector by using scientific methods and applying modern technologies to increase agricultural production in quantity and quality while maintaining the bio-diversity.


Adoption of distinct educational programs in the field of economic entomology, pests and diseases and various types of pesticides and continuous assessment of these programs, application of modern technologies and using the local resources as organic pesticides in order to increase crops productivity and achieve environment preservation.


1. To prepare a competitive graduate in the labor market.

2. Implementation of research to develop the agricultural sector.

3. To develop biological pesticides from local materials in order to preserve the environment.
4. Conduction of workshops and training courses for local communities to spread awareness   about the dangers of irrational use of chemical pesticides.

5. Participation in scientific publishing and scientific conferences nationally and internationally.