natreslogoUniversity of Kordofan

Faculty of Natural Resources  & Enviromental Studies

Department of Rural Extension & Social Development


Produce a high quality extension cadre through making the enrolled students well understand and well equipped means, tools and principles of basic and advanced extension knowledge in the field of rural extension, social welfare and development that enable them to communicate effectively and express the ideas efficiently to the target mass rural people in order to translate the knowledge to the real actions that should be reflected in improvement of actual life.


Preparation of knowledgeable , enthusiasm, credible and professional extension cadre capable to handle the speck of development in remote area in sustainable basis and effective education as well and learning process and techniques through efficient establishment of rural bodies capable to furnish desirable social change in the different segments of rural communities.


1. To attain graduates with high efficiency to be able to transfer academic knowledge to farmers and the rural population.

2. To make frames able to understand the new technologies that contributes to the upgrading of rural communities and enables them to exploit the resources available to them to maintain and ensure future use.

3. Carrying out applied researches and development of social measurement tools with a focus on technological methods to raise the efficiency of the integrated rural development programs.
4. To build relationships between the department, governmental organizations, NGOs and international organizations.

5. To create relationships between the department and corresponding departments at the local and international level in order to exchange experiences.