natreslogoUniversity of Kordofan

Faculty of Natural Resources  & Enviromental Studies

Department of Soil & Water Sciences


The mission of the department based on preparing of qualified graduates in the field of soil conservation, development of water resources and application offarming techniques in arid and semi-arid area to keep soil from deterioration.


The vision of the department bases on excellence of education programs to prepare qualified scientific and practical graduates to obtain sustainable agricultural development with the preservation of the environment, and preparation of researchers who are able to carry out scientific researches in the exploitation and development of soil and water resources to conserve these resources from attrition.


1. Provide a distinct educational program for the undergraduate and postgraduate level to keep pace with developments in the field of soil and water.

2. Provide research and scientific studies related to community service and preserve the environment and recommends the optimal use of soil and water resources.

3. Research collaboration with other departments, faculties, universities and research centers, to carry out research programs to serve the community and the development of resources.

4. Provide technical consultancy in the fields of soil and water sciences.